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Monitoring, consulting en lobbying


doing work together


Knowledge is power

The European institutions produce regulations, directives, communications and other (non) legislative acts on a daily basis that may have an impact on your sector or organisation. We offer monitoring reports and newsletters on a monthly or quarterly basis as well as daily email updates. So that you are always fully aware of the latest developments and will never be faced with any surprises. We analyse this information and indicate when it is important for you.

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Thinking out of the box

ICODA European Affairs understands how to help you to achieve your policy, legislative, regulatory and legal goals by shaping strategies around decision-makers and relevant influencers. We provide you with a sound analysis of the issues at stake and their implications.  We assist you with drafting your position paper, mapping stakeholders and getting you at the table with relevant decision-makers.  Our expertise guarantees well-founded political and legal advice.

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Getting things done

Lobbying requires persistence and ‘thinking out of the box’.  That is exactly where our public affairs expertise comes in for your organisation! Together we work on your message and we will get it across to the relevant decision-makers at the right time. Timing and good contacts are essential for the proper representation of interests. Our many years of experience and our excellent network form a solid basis for this important part of public affairs.

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